A. Brungardt, S. Wilcox, K. Bigham

WHAT’S THE BUZZ. “The brain may die, but my compulsion for useless trivia lives on.”-Molly Harper. Many will say that Scholars Bowl is a place for trivia nerds to compete and have fun, but anyone who has actually been in Scholars Bowl knows it is much more than that. “I joined Scholars Bowl to hang out with friends and meet new people.” says Saige Wilcox, a new member of the Valley Heights Scholars Bowl team.

Kloee Martin, sophomore, has done Scholars Bowl since seventh grade. She is most excited to see how the new members will help the team. “Rock Creek will definitely be one of our tougher opponents, but I am confident that we will succeed.” Scholars Bowl is Kloee’s favorite school activity, and she is excited to see where the season will take the team.

This year's Scholars Bowl team consists of seniors, John Haefke and Jay-Lynn Bauer, junior, Kayla Bigham, sophomores, Saige Wilcox, Kloee Martin, and Harmony Conti, and freshman, Anna Brungardt. Scholars Bowl coach, Annie Haefke says “We have a great group of kids this year, and I can't wait to see how they do.”

Article By: Harmony Conti