SETTING THE SET. The play has many working parts and although it’s been a week since opening night, we cannot forget about the people backstage who made it happen. It isn’t all just about the actors and actresses. Part of the magic of plays is the set design and props. But these objects don’t just appear out of nowhere, they have to be built and there’s a story to be told about the people who build plays. From seniors to freshmen, the diversity of set design is noticeable. Anyone who can help, is there to help. 

“I have made the set for four years now. I build props because as a kid I did woodworking and construction. I get with Mrs. Coon and discuss what she wants, then I bring my woodworking tools and accomplish it,” said Senior Dakota Gillig. 

Sophomore Dustin Denton said, “I enjoy building props, I have always loved doing stuff with my hands. I use cans of spray paint and spray foam to build props. I also do construction because I like to help in any way I can.” 

“I help Dakota with construction. I help build props because it’s fun and we use tools and screws to build our props,” freshman Creighton Smith said. 

Article by Liam N. Shill