Michelle working on poster for class

TEACHERS IN THE MAKING “A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything.” - Unknown. Teaching as a Career is a new course offered at Valley Heights High School. The students learn about child development,  discover what grade they would like to teach, and how to run a classroom. Some things they have done include going to the Waterville and Blue Rapids Elementary schools to observe teachers. This helps them to know what grade they want to teach. The class consists of sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Lana Stevenson, Junior High English teacher, is the teacher for this class. She says that her teaching inspiration was her first high school English teacher. Lana says that teacher was the one who made her realize she wanted to teach high school English, later on, Mrs. Stevenson changed her major to K-9. 

Sophomore, Harmony Conti says that in the future she wants to be just like Mrs. Coon, the Valley Heights’ junior high and high school drama teacher. Harmony decided she wanted to teach in May of 2022. Harmony wants to teach to make a difference, she says, “I feel like teachers can make a difference in anybody because they are the ones helping to raise the next generation of people.”

Audra Steinfort, junior says “I want to be an elementary teacher, preferably a preschool teacher in early childhood education; or up to second grade.” Audra has wanted to teach since Kindergarten, and she would always force her younger siblings to play school even if they didn't want to. In ten years, Audra hopes to graduate college and have her masters degree with a stable job as an elementary school teacher. 

Whatever the grade these students prefer, they all agree on one basic wish, to make a difference in the lives of their future students and the next generation. 

Article by Faye Jones