A First Hand Account.

I MOVE. I SECOND. MOTION PASSED.  A First Hand Account-Kadence Pierson.

Being a new member on the FFA Greenhand Officer Team, I was absolutely mortified. Having to memorize the introduction and what all the parts mean was not easy for me. Public speaking is definitely not my thing. On November 14th I participated in the Holton Parliamentary Procedure contest, along with the rest of my team and the senior officer team. My favorite part was dressing up in official dress, also taking in the fact that I did look a little silly because I am on crutches. However, I do not regret participating in the contest. It was a great experience that really boosted my confidence.

The Valley Heights Greenhand Team placed 9th overall with only one week of practice, while the senior team finished 15th. To go further into detail, the greenhand team finished 14th in the test, 7th in ritual, and 5th in par-law.  The senior team, on the other hand, placed 17th in both the test and ritual, and 9th in par-law. “It was a great experience. A good information builder. Getting to know other students in our district was a lot of fun, especially because we’re probably going to be competing against them in the future,” said Anna Brungardt.

Senior Team 

Dakota Gillig - President

Brooke Porter - Vice President

Audra Steinfort - Secretary

Dustin Denton - Treasurer

Emma Brungardt - Reporter

Hudson Nemechek - Sentinel

Greenhand Team 

Lawson Stryker - President

Anna Brungardt - Vice President

Kinsley Gillig - Secretary

Krista Porter - Treasurer

Creighton Smith - Reporter

Kadence Pierson - Sentinel