Tyrel  Wagner struggling with writer's block

WRITING WOES. Anyone who has written a paper or an article knows of a little thing called writer’s block. Writer’s block is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. Heck, the author of this article had writer’s block when they came up with this idea. 

Many factors play into writer’s block. These may include an idea of perfectionism, too many competing desires or interests, or a lack of ideas. Senior, Robert Limon says, “If you constantly push out article after article you're gonna hit a standstill.”

As many factors are out there, there are about as many solutions. Many solutions include enhancing your workspace, trying a writing prompt, or in Robert’s case, ADHD. “Honestly, my ADHD sometimes causes me to just think of things randomly and that helps me come up with ideas.” Normally, a writer will always be able to think of a topic no matter how long it may take them. It may take longer, but writers can get over their writing woes.

Article By: Tyrel Wagner