Emma on mustang

FRIENDS FUR-EVER “Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” Quote from Anatole France. At Valley Heights, the students have all kinds of pets, with 70.3% owning dogs, 43.2% cats, 10.8% horses, 5.4% had no pets, and 27% others. 

Sophomore, Janelle Medina, has a Leopard Gecko named Sonnie as her pet. She got Sonnie from Reptile World in Manhattan, Kansas. “I honestly just thought Leopard Geckos were cute and I wanted something out of the ordinary besides a dog or a cat so I decided to get a reptile.”

Emma Brungardt, Senior, has five horses; three of them being Mustangs. You may know Emma from her riding her Mustang, Guy, across the football field during the National Anthem. Emma got her first horse from her grandpa and she has had them ever since. Some of her favorite things to do with her horses are rodeos and going out on trail rides.

Sophomore, Harmony Conti, has 12 rabbits! Harmony got her first rabbit from the state fair, as a gift from a family friend. Morgan Vinduska is one of Harmony’s closest friends so when they were little, Harmony would help Morgan out with her rabbits and that's when Harmony knew she absolutely loved rabbits. “ Rabbits are pretty simple, you just have to make sure their cage is clean with food, water, and especially my breed, they need a lot of love and attention.” 

Article by Faye Jones