2022 was a year of the craziest trends yet. There have been tortilla slapping Tik Toks, gym rat “influencers”, makeup artists, BeReal, and the “best chefs of the century.” Let’s take a look at our students' opinions!

Let’s go ahead and start with the students’ least favorite trends. A few schoolmates think mullets should have never been a trend to begin with. Back in 1968, if males had hair that covered their ears, they were not socially acceptable. This is why the mullet became popular. It was the best of both worlds: long hair, without covering their ears. One either loves it, or hates it. 

Let's take a look into the most popular trends. The author, Colleen Hoover, has been a fan favorite of the students! The teachers love seeing their scholars reading with their extra free time. This trend has been ideal and loved by all.

Last but not least, what should have never been a trend to begin with? Quite a few students have mixed feelings about Crocs, you know the plastic shoe with holes all over. These controversial shoes are super breathable and easy to slip on. Either take ‘em or leave ‘em.

The Valley Heights students have strong opinions on the trends that went on in 2022. We can not wait to see what the 2023 trends are!

Article by: Delana Murk