Kendelle Sweet senior pic

THROUGH THE RAIN. “The way I see it, if you want a rainbow, you have to put up with the rain first,” is a quote by Dolly Parton. This quote speaks to Kendelle Sweet because she has been through tough times, but after she got through them, she realized that her whole life won't all be rain. The rainbow will eventually appear. 

Kendelle Ann Sweet grew up in Waterville, Kansas and was born on June 23rd, 2006. Her parents are Tanya and Heath Sweet, and her stepfather, Jeremy Anderson are all a big part of her life. Kendelle has one brother, Jacob, who is also a senior this year. Kendelle has participated in Art Club for four years, Volleyball, FCA, Student Council, and NHS for two years, and Journalism, FFA, Band, and Golf for one year. 

Kendelle listens to a lot of early 2000’s music. Her favorite song of all time is “So What” by Pink. She loves fresh seafood when she goes to visit the coast. When asked what her favorite way to spend a Friday night was, Kendelle said, “Just hanging out with my best friends in their basement, laughing about every random thing that comes to mind. We also try some TikTok trends and tend to get hurt in the process.” 

One thing people may not know about Kendelle is that she is only 16. She feels she is very mature for her age and people tend to forget that she's the youngest in her class. Her mentor, Mrs. Turner said, “She is so organized and incredibly intelligent. She is such a caring person and always finds a way to make you feel better. ” In ten years, Kendall hopes to have a stable job and a nice house close to the ocean. Her dream is to move to South Carolina with her family after graduating college.

Kendelle’s plans for after high school include attending the University of Kansas and majoring in Environmental Sciences. She plans to live on campus and visit her family as much as possible. Mrs. Turner says, “I think  Kendelle will be remembered as the person who is freakishly organized. Most importantly, she'll be remembered as a person that tries to help everyone in any way possible.”

Article By: Haily Stoudt