Forensics team smiling for photo

PEDAL TO THE “MEDAL”. “Look around the coffee shop, the park, or the classroom you’re in right now. You are surrounded by lucky people.” Quote from “The Book of Awesome”, by Neil Pasricha, performed by Harmony Conti. On Saturday, February 4th, 2023 the Valley Heights forensics team competed at Nemaha Central for their second meet this year, and brought many winning medals. 

The Valley Heights forensics team took 15 participants. Jay-Lynn Bauer, Michelle Sandoval, Tyrel Wagner, Kayla Bigham, Nathalie Madera, Audra Steinfort, Liam Shill, Janelle Medina, Harmony Conti, Lily Busey, Haily Stoudt, Anne Toerber, Lawson Stryker, Ava Smith, and Carter Gemann. The team took home nine medals. The four first place medalists include, Liam Shill in prose, Liam and Aundra Steinfort in Improvised Duet Acting (IDA), Tyrel Wagner in Solo Serious, and Janelle Medina in Poetry. Harmony Conti took second with her Solo Humorous performance. Other medalists include Tyrel and Kayla Bigham taking fourth in Duet, Audra 5th in Prose, Nathalie Madera 5th in Solo Humorous, and Lawson Stryker and Carter Germann with a fifth for IDA. 

“I was so excited to see so many first place medals come out of one meet. I can’t wait to see what the team brings for the rest of the season”, says forensics coach Lynette Coon. 

Article By; Janelle Medina