A DAY FOR LOVE. On a day in the year 496, Valentine's Day became a holiday. On February 14, roughly $23.9 billion is spent each year. This famous holiday, also known as the feast day of Saint Valentine, is listed as the world’s seventh favorite holiday. Many do not know exactly where the “love” day comes from. Long ago, the Romans executed two men both named Valentine on February 14th of different years in the third century. Their martyrdom was later honored by the catholic church with the celebration of St. Valentine's day. 

Today, 250 million roses are grown each year in order to celebrate Valentine's day. Along with that eight billion conversation hearts are manufactured to sell. With many different traditions happening on Valentine's Day, the most common in America is sending cards, flowers, and chocolates. 

“Back in high school if I was to ask someone to be my valentine you could find me placing a note in their locker, but now I don't even have to ask for my love to be my valentine. My hubby is my valentine each and every year. Every year he also buys me a bag of M&M’s and showers me with love. With Valentine’s Day being my absolute favorite holiday, I make my kids cookies and a special breakfast for them every year,” said Mrs. Steinfort. 

Article By: Maggie Toerber